Partner With Dentbusters To Achieve HIRE Quality!

Honesty – Relationships are built on trust. This is the core belief of our business. Be worry free with Dentbusters!

Integrity – Nothing is hidden that won’t be revealed. Quality is never compromised and problems are never left unresolved.

Respect – We adhere to your schedule and processes. Technicians and managers will look to you for all final decisions.

Experience – Since 1992 the Dentbusers family and team has grown exponentially. Hail response is our specialty.

Quality – Dentbusters technicians are the best in the world. We affirm this statement by competing in the International Dent Olympics, and bringing home the awards!


Meeting the repair needs of our mutual customers!

Managers – Your go to guy! When multiple technicians and positions are needed for the job, we keep everyone in line. Managers also help coordinate work flow and vehicle status updates.

Estimators – We thoroughly scope vehicles counting, circling dents and noting damages. Estimates will be written in compliance with the Agreed Pricing Matrix for the particular insurance carrier. Dentbusters has licensed estimators on staff.

PDR Technicians – Dentbusters has a nationwide network of PDR technicians. We are highly skilled and experienced. We see dents in our sleep!

R&I Technicians – Sole purpose is to Remove and Install trim to gain access to the dents for the PDR technician.

Software – We utilize industry standard computerized estimating and invoicing systems approved by insurance carriers.

Warranty – Dentbusters stands behind all workmanship with a Limited Lifetime Liability Warranty. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Whether it’s a single claim, or CAT team assistance, Dentbusters looks forward to working with you as a PDR service provider!